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Review For Firefox 2017 New Version

Thanks to my friend in for sharing these

In this new version some changes have been apply to the interface and icons make it much better organized and easy to see for all theusers.

In addition to that, some optimizations in options will make your productivity a bit higher.

Security fixes

As a normal of every new improve, there’s always security issues need to be fixed on every new version same thing on previous version before that version so all security issues and bugs in earlier versions have been fixed in these new version make it much safer.

Mozilla Firefox 2017 brings new cleaner interface and new icons design, faster and safer browsing and support for recent Web standards.

Version 4 of Firefox brings new clean look and better agility during opening and surfing web sites without any troubles. at all times appear in versions of Beta development and RC, and now at last comes in this official version that you can download it from here.

To make browsing even more improved, they added a element that allows us to set the tabs and categorize them according to the type of site visited. The operation of these groups is done in a useful way, simply by dragging previews of the sites among the categories that already created, being accessed from a single Firefox window.

Even quicker!

As soon as you run the Mozilla firefox browser, you will already notice the enhancement made in its speed in this version, reducing both the opening time and the time required to change between pages.

Designed to protect your privacy Your personal information will be safe firefox take the privacy in first class  your private is property.

regular safety updates Firefox is updated automatically so you always keep up to date with the latest security improvements.

Get the Mozilla firefox 2017